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Auschwitz Rezydencja śmierci/ En Dodens Boning (wer. szwedzka)
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This volume is something long awaited on the Polish market. It is a unique documentary on the largest Nazi concentration camp – a place of martyrdom and mass annihilation of hundreds of thousands of prisoners from thirty nations. Major part of this book constitute the captivating, world famous, photographs of Adam Bujak which turn back the time to show the Nazi terror. This volume also abounds in other photographic material. There are archival photographs documenting the dramatic fate of the deported, as well as outtakes from the memoirs and relations of former prisoners, describing the cruelty and incredible depravity of Nazi butchers, as well as German sources concerning the mass extermination of people from the occupied territories. The book also contains an expert introduction explaining the history of this most terrible place of slaughter.
    • 1 AUTOR: 
    • Henryk Świebocki
    • 2 data wydania: 
    • 2007
    • 3 format: 
    • 24.0x30.0cm
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    • 128
    • 5 Okładka: 
    • twarda
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    • Biały Kruk
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