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Move Advanced Class CD set Audio 2 CDs
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A uniquely flexible course for adults and young adults. move has a carefully-graded communicative syllabus that helps students to express themselves through English. move is ideal for: short intensive courses long courses with fewer teaching hours move contains: three modules at each level fifteen teaching hours of topic-based material in each module Coursebook with CD-ROM: Engaging topics motivate students to respond personally Imaginative grammar and vocabulary activities encourage students to experiment with the language Integrated skills tasks are designed to meet the immediate needs of adult and young adult learners Thorough review units at the end of each module consolidate the language and vocabulary in new contexts Extra practice pages incorporated in the Coursebook provide further support Self-improvement is aided by the CD-ROM. It contains grammar and vocabulary practice activities, games, and activities linked to the 'Can do' learning aims for each unit
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    • 2007
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    • 14x12,5 cm
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    • etui
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    • MacMillan